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Mandarin Gourmet

Our goal is to offer the finest selection of Chinese food served in an elegant atmosphere and pampered by our attentive staff.

Ingredients are first and formost at Madarin Gourmet. We use only the best vegetable oils, vinegars, soy sauces and sesame oils. Seafood, meat poultry and vegetables are delivered every day. Our distinctive sauces are freshly prepared at the restaurant daily.

Because our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, at times we may be out of one of your favorites. Often, rock cod and other seafood are purchased live on the day of a special party. We must ask that you reserve a spacial banquet meal in advance.

Food is served family style with something for everyone, rather than a main entree for each individual. This means each person can sample more of a variety. So for two persons, for instance, a soup and two or three dishes and rice are enough. For larger groups, order as many as there are persons in the party, plus "one for the table" and a soup or appetizer. For groups of eight persons or more, you might try to order larger portions of fewer seletions instead of many dishes. Our waiters or hostess will gladly help you plan a menu.

If you are trying Mandarin or Szechuan Cuisine for the first time or are an epicure wishing to discuss the philosophy of fine food, our entire staff awaits with pleasure to satisfy your needs.